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+++++++++ARCHIVING PURPOSES+++++++++

WARNING:  Futureverse and graphic, awesome sex. XDDD And yes this is slash. More specifically... Nightwing/Flash.

If you are a reader and you happen to stumble upon this, go ahead and read, but, you probably won't get it if you don't follow the YJ Twitter. Insides jokes about white gummy bears, fortnights, texting actions, and Justin Bieber. This story was inspired by silly RP-ing and the YJ Twitter. It is what my fangirly brain wants to see further in the YJ television show and somewhat canonly.


Puddle of vomit in the dark. Oops. Unconscious and drunk hobo propped up by a YIELD sign. Really.


Wally groaned, slowing from a complete reddish orange blur with a small skid on the rain-slick, concrete sidewalk. His left ear communicator to his headgear had struck something earlier—hell if he remembered how—and continued slipping out of place and giving off static fuzz. Not good. Not at all.


“You sure he’s around here, Fiery?” Wally muttered, glancing around the night-fogged, city scenery.


“I’m a paraplegic, not PVS,” came a dry response, “And yes he is there. Probably keeping hidden.”



“I-I didn’t mean…”


The woman on the other line chuckled. “I know you didn’t. That was my sad attempt at humor.


“…Right.” Wally scratched at the top of his head where his Flash cowl pressed into his hairline, eyes somewhat nervously sweeping the nearby area. Aargh… if he could never set foot alone in the bowels of Gotham around this time again… that would be… “This city is really creepy at night. Just saying.”


“You haven’t been back here in how long…also…” The voice in his ear piece fuzzed again. “Flash, there is something I’ve been neglecting to tell you about… Robin…he’s not…”


“…I didn’t catch that. Fiery? Fiery?” More static overrode her voice. Wally gnawed on the tip of his tongue and asked tentatively, knowing that if she was really there and could hear him properly she would somehow find a way to strangle him through the connection for purposefully neglecting code names, “…Babs?” When nothing but that static feedback was the answer, he discarded the useless earpiece into a nearby trashcan, sighing. What a recon mission this was turning out to be…


His back gently and solidly touched a nearby building side and he was about to tap his skull against it for good measure when a sudden shadow dropped down in front him. Wally’s entire body tensed up ready for combat but the intruder to his solitary did not make further movements. Wally’s green eyes squinted against the foggy streetlights. A…blue and black costume… a very tight costume at that…


 “Minding telling me who you are, buddy?” The other man asked lowly, his chiseled face hardening.


Well… wasn’t this ironic… everyone knew who Flash was and Wally was sure he had NEVER seen this costume. Not with the blue winged stripes or who carried a back-strap holster of…steel sticks? What kind of crazy rookie was this? Didn’t he know this was Batman’s turf?


“I could ask you the same thing…” Wally said, examining the still stern-looking man. Very muscled but somehow slim in the right places… god why was the costume so tight… didn’t it ever ride his-


Wait… no… Wally’s mouth became dry. The drop down… it… no way…




The man with sticks then spoke up again, this time sounding much angrier, “…okay who the fuck are you and why are running around as a dead Justice League member…I am about two seconds from—”


“Come on, man…it’s me Wally…”


At the undisguised plea, the darker-haired man hesitated before reaching out and firmly pulling down the Flash cowl. The whites of the winged, black mask widened with shock. “..Oh…”


Wally pushed back his flattened, sweaty red hair, smiling. “Hey…” Dick stepped back, staring at him.


“But… why are you…”


“Well… since Barry and everything…” Something in Wally’s chest clenched painfully at the memory.


Dick winced. Oh god he knew too. “I’m…”


Wally cut him off seriously, “Don’t say you are sorry. I’ve heard it enough times. And it won’t bring him back.” The speedster eyed Dick’s costume. Just… why so tight… “What is up with the get-up?”


“Went solo.”


“Knew you were talking about a while back. Did something go down?”


A small, cynical smile crept over Dick’s lips. “You could say that.”


Uh… uncomfortable now


Wally rubbed the back of his neck. “Wow… um… did you and Batman—?”


“—just forget about it.” Dick squeezed his shoulder, the smile fading into a more solemn but genuine expression.  “It’s…good to see you… and using your powers for good…?” Wally nodded.


“I…” He swallowed. That touch. So warm. “I’m good now. Thank…whatever…for accidental anti-matter blasts…”  His hand touched Dick’s hand, squeezing a moment. “I’ve missed you…” he murmured.


Dick smirked. “Feeling was…is…mutual,” he corrected himself just in time for the speedster to wrap an arm around him and pull their bodies closer with a small grunt. The old spark of that contact spiraled Wally’s insides pleasantly and from Dick’s shivery reaction, he could see it wasn’t just him.


“Missed me that bad?”


“Five years is a fucking long time, bro,” Wally replied, his red, gloved fingers brushing the ends of Dick’s black hair. What… was he growing it out? That was… sexy. “So…you got like your own apartment or something?” Cause that didn’t sound like bad thoughts or anything. Nope.


Dick gave him a serious look. “Not in Gotham.”


“Where are you staying?”


“Bludhaven. Work there too.”


Wally had heard of that place. Visited once. It was rumored to a sort of little sister city of crime to Gotham. Shit. “You really did move out. So… why are you out here?”


“Gotten word that something was going down around this area. One of my sources. I think it is connected back to my city.” Wally vaguely wondered about the broken connection with Babs… hmm


“Batman know?”


“Need to know basis,” Dick said, expression darkening, “But he probably is already aware I’m here.”


Wally grinned at him. “Need some help then?”


“Like old times?”




Dick’s amused smirk returned. “…You could come in handy.”


“Just tell me what ya need, man.” Wally straightened up.


“Right now it is the waiting game. The rundown was drugs but now I’m getting something about sex traffickers… young girls from eleven to sixteen being carted around… and there is weaponry and I’m pulling for no casualties…” Dick added after a moment, “And I appreciate the help…”


The speedster made a disgusted face. “Aw, man, really? That young? Creeps.”


“Some of the girls were taken from Opal City and Civic City as well. It wasn’t just Gotham disappearances.” Dick glanced down the empty street nearby.


“If it wasn’t bad enough… Let’s do this. Where do we start—gahhh?” Wally yelled, being forced back against the nearby alley’s mouth as Dick shushed him and peered out cautiously. Cars squealing.


 “…They’re here. Take down goons. Tie them up. Disarm weapons. Get victims to safety.”


Wally pulled up his cowl. “Yeah. Sure. You got it. Just give the signal, fearless leader.”


Out of nowhere, Dick fished out a grappling hook (maybe it was the back holster?), going into business-hero mode. “Draw some friendly fire for me. Knock out as many as you can. Don’t care……”  He stopped, and gestured Wally to peer out with him, “How many goons do you see there?”


The speedster squinted. “Eight or so,” he replied cockily, “I can trip em up for ya.”


“I’m seeing some up in the apartment windows. High power rifles. That makes about… fourteen… Don’t need to tell you to be careful.” Another amused smirk from the dark haired man. Dick pointed up his gun towards a horizontal flag pole in the distance and gestured to the other man, “…After you.”


It went off silently, leaving only a low whistle of air as the hook launched and connected to the pole. Dick swung up off his feet, racing towards the van of goons and of variously underdressed and frightened-looking girls. At that cue, Wally wasted no further time in speeding his way into the alarmed fray, knocking down the few men with guns and breaking apart the weapons. Not too far away, Dick jammed his fist into another man’s nose. That’s when the bullets started raining down. Wally swore at the top of his lungs, speeding past Dick who shielded girl left behind on the ground to yank the rifle from the goon, cracking him upside the head and unconscious with the bulky end.


“You’re okay…” Dick reassured the skeletal-looking, brown-haired girl in his arms, propping her up. He shouted towards Wally who patted his hands together satisfied, “Did you get him?”


“Sure did!” Wally beamed, walking over to them as Dick pried one of the girl’s eyelids open and examined her pupils. He was sweating heavily. The girl was absolutely still throughout. After a moment, Dick checked her pulse, swallowing hard. Wally asked concerned, “How is she?”






“…Flash, check her… I-I must be wrong.” The speedster made a surprised noise. Um… what? How could he not know if there was a pulse or not? That wasn’t… When Wally began to protest, this time Dick screamed it up at him, chest heaving, arms shaking, “CHECK HER PULSE DAMMIT!”


Behind the cowl, Wally’s eyes widened. Quickly he swooped down to the girl, pressing his first two fingers to her frail, bruised neck, and waited. The skin was freezing even through his gloves.


“…I.” Wally shook his head. “Oh man.”


“That’s not an answer…” Dick’s voice bordered on frantic. Wally shook his head again.


“I…she… she’s gone, man.”






Wally stood up, reminding him coolly, “The other girls got pulled into the apartment. We should go.” Dick responded in a low murmur Wally couldn’t decipher, cradling up the young girl’s body and setting her inside the nearby abandoned van after kicking in one of the doors with enough force to unhinge it. With that benign amount of attention Wally witnessed from Dick time-to-time when it came to those most victimized during their missions in their youth, the younger man gave it all to this dead girl as he carefully arranged her on her back to the floor of the van, smoothing her hair from her forehead, folding her bony arms to her front and clasping her hands together between her undeveloped breasts.


“We shouldn’t count on specific numbers that we might have guessed last time,” Dick said to him, avoiding looking at him as he started walking for the apartment building, and Wally followed the black-and-blue clad man, frowning, “I’ll go in first and check the first floor before heading upstairs.”


“Are you sure? You are kinda already banged up…”


“…” Dick responded flatly, back turned, “Bullet wounds heal. It’s not going to slow me down.”


The speedster shrugged. “…okay, you’re the boss.” He waited outside as the younger man did a sweep and snuck in near the foot of the staircase where Dick signaled him in.


He leaned into Wally’s ear and the redhead swore he felt deliciously tingling chills shoot down like lightning into his spine and to the base of his cock as Dick’s lips gently brushed his ear canal. Oh… fuck… how could he be possibly be feeling this at such an inconvenient time…“I’m thinking that the second level is cleared out due to the fighting. There are only two more levels after that.”


Wally turned his head somewhat so he could whisper back, “So what’s the new plan?”


“Same plan. Just smaller space to work in. I’ll take fourth floor, you take third.”


“Speed or stealth on this?” A thoughtful pause was made from the other man.


“I’m thinking the more silent the takedown, the easier this is going to be,” Dick explained.


“I think you are right.” Wally agreed, stretching out his knuckles soundlessly, “Stealthy Flash it is.”


Up on the third floor, a lone thug had mistakenly taken the wrong position to turn from. Probably a second-rate hack paid decent money to flex some and shoot with a big gun. Dick passed Wally in the staircase to approach the thug from behind, wrapping his hands around his windpipe until the beefier man stopped struggling and Dick’s foot caught the falling rifle to balance precariously on his ankle.


“Nice takedown…” Wally praised grinning as Dick laid the thug down in a smooth motion and snapped the gun’s inners in half with an unamused expression.


“Take the rooms. Check for the girls and get them out immediately. I’ll be upstairs.”


Wally nodded, speaking up, “Okay, be careful, man.”


The whites of Dick’s mask narrowed at his worried expression. “…you too.” He disappeared up the next staircase. Wally let out a breath, opening the chipped-painted door to the nearest room.


Hello? It’s your Friendly Neighborhood Flash…”


In tone of the corners of the massively dusty, cleared out room was what appeared to be a long-limbed, white-blonde haired teenager in ripped jeans and a baggy hoodie curling to herself. She had a glaring red cut across her chin and that was scabbing to close over her bottom lip.


Wally crouched down by the doorway, smiling cheerfully, “Hey… don’t worry. I’m here to help. Can you tell me where the other girls are?” What came out of her mouth definitely wasn’t English as her enormously child-like green eyes leaked with glistening tears and she muttered to herself, uncurling from the wall long enough to rub the bulge of her stomach not quite hidden in the hoodie. God


Wally closed his eyes and reopened them, smile still firmly in place.


“I’m taking that as ‘yes, they are still here’.” He held out a hand in friendship. “…Can you stand?”




Along with the pregnant girl, Wally discovered another two girls with another trigger happy goon (one of the girls was amputee and the other refused to open her clearly bleeding mouth… and truthfully… if the speedster didn’t have to know… he could be thankful for her unabashed stubbornness).


Wally had heard gunfire from the level above when he ran out the bleeding girl, letting her slip from his arms and into the arms of the white-blonde girl who wobbled over to affectionately hug “Maggie!” and who proceeded to cry harder. He interrupted them long enough to instruct them to stay hidden until the police showed and to scream as loudly as they could if anyone tried to talk to them.


By the time Wally did manage to make to the fourth floor he found the remainder of the goons knocked out cold. Surrounding them was the shattered bits of their once prized weapons. He ducked into another room where Dick was tying up a man two times his size grimly. “Here you are.”


Dick tossed him what looked like strong wire. “Tie up the rest of them out there.”


“Got it.” The speedster disappeared as a blur and completed his task, securing them together to a nearby metal pole, and speed his way back into the room. “All tied up, leader...” he trailed off confused as Dick pressed trembling hands into a not particularly memorable looking closet door, gulping once before running those hands over his ashen-colored face.


“… …Ambulance. We need one.”


Wally offered faintly, “Yeah… I’m on it. Police are… almost here.” When Dick didn’t comment back, he took his cue to rush out. Two ambulances. Gotham Police would arrive before them.


His best friend looked like… shit. Complete shit.


“They’re coming,” Wally announced when Dick returned outside. Not steady on his feet. This wasn’t… this wasn’t right. “…Hey, man, what is it? You’re freaking me out a little bit…”


Dick insisted lowly, “I’ve dealt with dead bodies before. This isn’t… something new…”


“It doesn’t make it any easier. It should never be easy.” Wally took Dick’s hand lifeless at his side into his to warm. Jeez. Clammy. “I’m here, don’t worry…” The younger man suddenly bent forward, gagging towards the concrete, and Wally gave him a protective half embrace until the gag silenced and until the police cars wailed into sight. “I’ll talk to them and then we can get out of here, okay?”


“…Tell them… that…” Dick’s voice shook. “They’ll find the rest of the girls on the fourth floor. Check… the closet space. The goon said…” He choked down another gag, wincing, and glanced towards the van in the distance. “The other one. She’s…needs help too. Let them know.”


Wally made an agreeable grunt, stroking his back.


“I promise.”